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Our day to night time skincare routine - step by step

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Are you struggling to maintain a consistent skincare routine that works for both day and night? Look no further than ARLENE by Amprad®Cosmetics. We understand the importance of having a strong skincare routine that addresses the unique needs of your skin at different times of the day.

Exfoliation, for instance, is an important step in your skincare routine as it’s a method of maintaining healthy and youthful-looking skin by gently buffing away the top layer of skin that could be flaking or dull. It is also an essential step when our skin renewal process begins to slow down with age; it can become increasingly difficult for the skin to repair and restore itself without regular yet gentle exfoliation in the evening. Although, it’s important to remember that not all forms of exfoliation are created equal! While some can be highly beneficial, others can cause more harm than good.

Skin routine day and night

Here at ARLENE by Amprad®Cosmetics we have many products that can help you achieve radiant and even skin. For instance, our Purifying Hyaluronic Face Mask is a gentle physical exfoliant, which uses natural French Clay to gently remove the upper layers of broken, flaky or damaged skin. In contrast, a regular face wash like our Soothing Face Wash can also provide similar effects as it can also help to remove any build-up on the surface layer of the skin.

Arlene Purifying Face Mask

After any type of exfoliation, the skin will require follow-on products, in their routine, which really can make all the difference! Keep reading to find out how you can incorporate our products into both your daytime and night-time routine to help you achieve clear, radiant and youthful-looking skin.

Arlene's top tips to support your skincare routine post exfoliation both morning and evening

If one of your main goals, with your skincare, is to ensure your complexion is more radiant and less congested then establishing a regular skincare routine that can take you from AM to PM really can make all the difference.

Whilst we do advise that you stick to exfoliating the evening, we do still recommend that you use our ARLENE goodies from your AM routine into your PM routine to ensure your skin continues to be supported even through the night. Whilst you could induce in our Purifying Hyaluronic Face Mask for a gentle clay-based exfoliation, we strongly suggest you have these next two ARLENE goodies to hand to boost the chance of longer-lasting skincare results; getting you closer to your skin goals.

Our Renewing Face Cream is loaded with powerful anti-ageing, nourishing and brightening ingredients, including seaweed Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Moringa, Prickly Pear and Camellia Seed oil to name a few. When applied after your night-time exfoliation, along with our Enhancing Face Serum; not only will your skin feel healthier but it will also look it. If you pair both our Enhancing Serum and Renewing Face Cream together after your PM exfoliation then not only will you be adding essential nourishment and hydration back into your skin (post exfoliation) but you will also be helping to keep your skin supple and firm which can over time help to naturally reduce signs of ageing.

Mini ARLENE skincare routine in four simple steps morning to evening

You could begin by using our Soothing Face Wash to prep your skin for the day before applying our Renewing Face Cream and Enhancing Face Serum. Then, to switch it up to cater for an evening exfoliation, you can use the Purifying Face Mask. You would then want to apply a suitable Face Cream and Serum to ensure your skin stays hydrated and healthy throughout the night up until your daytime routine.

Following a day-to-night routine really can ensure the skin stays healthy and nourished during the day and support it overnight; increasing your chances of longer-lasting skincare results.

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