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Cleansing is an essential step of an effective skincare routine. Dirt and pollution build up on the surface of your skin and could contribute to breakouts, dehydration and ageing. Moreover, active skincare ingredients cannot be optimally absorbed by the skin, if not properly cleansed.

ARLENE FACE WASH gently and effectively removes impurities, makeup and pollution leaving the skin incredibly soft and comfortable. It prepares your skin for moisturiser or serum, without disturbing the delicate pH-balance and the skin barrier function.

Rich in natural oils, including Chamomile and Oat Lipid oil, high in vitamin E.


Suitable for all skin types, ideal for sensitive skin.

ARLENE Soothing Face Wash

SKU: 5060777740023
    • Removes makeup and other impurities.
    • Prepares the skin for skincare absorption.
    • Leave the skin soft, smooth and silky without drying due to its creamy, low foaming texture.
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